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Who we are and what we do?

The lotus flower must first grow in the mud before it comes blooming out of the water. We have a great passion for helping children who might be feeling stuck in the mud to bloom.

Who we are and what we do?

We are a telehealth-only provider of speech pathology services.

This means that our telehealth services are available to every child in Australia – regardless of where they live. It also makes appointments more convenient and more effortlessly integrated into your daily routine at home – with learning taking place right where it will be needed the most

At Lotus, we work closely with children from all different backgrounds and of all abilities to provide both standard speech pathology services as well as offering services in trauma-informed practice.

Every child will be treated with empathy and kindness and a sense of fun is infused into every session. Our goals are focused on functional outcomes and our consultative model of working closely with stakeholders to achieve children’s goals means that our service delivery is full of heart and quality learning.

Every child is different, and our unique and tailored approach to speech therapy strikes the delicate balance between professional care and play that keeps children engaged and motivated.

Speech Pathology Services (Telehealth)

Have fun while you and your child learn and gain confidence through an individualised approach that is empathetic, and warm. We utilise a range of physical and digital resources to help babies, toddlers, children, and teens to reach their goals.
Enjoy the convenience of telehealth with the quality of face-to-face services.

Assessments and Reports (Telehealth)

Conduct assessments and compile individualised reports for the NDIS, parents, teachers, paediatricians and more, including application and review reports.

who is lotus speech pathology?

Why telehealth?

Accessibility across the country Children in regional parts of the country are considerably more vulnerable