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About Us

Meet our Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist and Director, Frances Lundt.

the principal speech pathologist at Lotus Speech Pathology.


I hold a Bachelor of Speech Pathology and have over 15 years experience working with children in various roles including childcare, child protection case management and clinical speech pathology roles. I am also a witness intermediary for vulnerable child witnesses, facilitating communication in police interviews and in court hearings.

I am passionate about fostering children’s communication, confidence and connections.

The Lotus approach to speech pathology

The Lotus approach to speech pathology

Lotus believes that your child already holds the unique skills they need to succeed. Our role is to facilitate their growth. 

That’s why we adopt a strengths-based approach as part of our family-centred practice. This means we improve on what your child is already doing well and ensure their goals are practical, achievable and meaningful for them and your family. 

We take the time to get to know your child and create a trusting bond with them. Then we integrate their interests into our therapy sessions, effortlessly weaving Pokémon, dinosaurs or favourite teddies into sessions.

What makes Lotus Speech Pathology different?

Whether that is taking initial enquiries, discovering a new digital resource to use in sessions, learning about each child’s special interests and talents, or celebrating client achievements… We love what we do. 

Achieving successful therapy goals takes more than just clinical skills. We take the time to develop long-term, trusting relationships with our clients and their families. 

Lotus Speech Pathology encompasses one speech pathologist (Frances Lundt) and one administrator. This means you will have a consistent and a long-term therapy relationship to give your child the best chance of thriving. 

We are proud to provide accessible telehealth services to families Australia-wide, particularly families who may not have access to a face-to-face clinic. This may be due to living in regional areas of the country, or being on lengthy waitlists.

Online speech therapy is also a far more convenient way to access care, right in the comfort of your own home or child’s school.

There are few Australian speech pathologists with specialised skills in this area. Lotus’ principal speech pathologist, Frances Lundt, has considerable experience and specialist training in supporting children who have experienced trauma, abuse and neglect. Lotus Speech Pathology works with children in child care protection services and in court and police settings.

Learn more about our trauma-informed care.

We encourage our clients to learn with joy and enthusiasm, and we apply that same enthusiasm to our own learning. We regularly engage in ongoing training, conduct research, and learn from other industry professionals, our clients, and our speech pathology students.

We see the benefits of online speech therapy every day and have been so proud to see families and clients enjoying its positive results. Online speech pathology sessions are also backed by numerous studies as being highly effective in treating speech, language and fluency disorders.

Neurodiversity refers to variations in our brains, and how they work. Children with ADHD or ASD are neurodiverse, with brains that work differently. We believe that all brains are unique and important. This diversity is what makes our children so special. Our role is to help your child to express themselves, not to change who they are.

Our values

We live by 4 core values here at Lotus Speech Pathology, and we centre each session around them. They are: