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Trauma-Informed Speech Therapy

Some children have experienced heart-breaking situations at a young age, which may result in communication difficulties.

Trauma-informed speech therapy uses a rare skill set to help children grow through the mud and reeds – just like our symbol, the lotus flower.

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What is trauma-informed speech therapy?

Trauma-informed speech pathology is relatively new to Australia, although it has been practised overseas for many years. 

Research shows that children who experience abuse or neglect often have delayed language skills in comparison to their peers. They may struggle across almost all areas of language, from expressive and receptive language to syntax and semantics. 

Early detection and intervention are key in supporting children to reach their full potential. A qualified and trauma-informed speech pathologist helps these children to gain developmentally appropriate linguistic skills.

Our speech pathology comes with an understanding of the complex needs that arise in children who have experienced trauma that’s expressed itself in speech delays or disorders.

Trauma-informed therapy requires a rare skillset

Trauma-informed speech pathology via telehealth

Many children who have experienced trauma do not have a stable home life. They may be often uprooted and moved to a new foster family or back to their biological parents. 

This can make consistent care difficult. If their speech pathologist was near a former home, the drive may now be too long to continue seeing that provider. And so the child experiences another disrupted care on top of everything else. 

Providing trauma-informed speech pathology over telehealth enables continuity of care no matter where the child is living at the time. This is a strong benefit for children who move around frequently and may otherwise lack the consistency of care.

The Lotus approach to trauma-informed speech pathology

Although trauma-informed care is often a serious subject, we keep things fun and entertaining for our clients. We offer a completely tailored therapy plan including the following therapy approaches:


Communication partner training, creating visuals


1:1 instruction, play-based language therapy

Relationship/Social Based

Intensive interaction, and the Hanen program

Our aim reaches beyond functional goals. We work closely with children to improve their confidence, communication, and connections. To do this, we use a range of real-life props as well as innovative digital technologies.

We are confident in liaising with the courts, case managers, child protection services and caregivers in order to support a child’s holistic wellbeing and safety through speech therapy.

Accessing our trauma-informed speech pathology services

We accept self-referrals from parents or carers. We also receive referrals from support coordinators, child protection agencies, and others involved in supporting a child who has experienced trauma. 

Our referrals can be completed online or via phone and email – we will be in touch within 2 business days.

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