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Welcome To Lotus Speech PATHOLOGY

We’re here to help children bloom by giving them the skills and confidence to express themselves. 

How Lotus works

We are a telehealth-only provider of speech pathology services.

Lotus Speech Pathology provides general speech therapy and trauma-informed speech pathology services to children across Australia. 

Children learn through play. We keep your child engaged and working towards their goals by infusing a sense of fun into every session. 

Our telehealth speech pathology services:

At Lotus Speech Pathology, every child is treated with empathy and kindness. 

With your permission, we can work in collaboration with any other professionals involved in your child’s care. If your child attends school, we can also liaise with teachers to ensure your child receives consistent instruction and encouragement.

What do we do?

We build your child’s confidence, communication skills and connections through engaging and interactive online speech therapy sessions.

Speech Pathology Services

We use a range of physical and digital resources to help babies, toddlers, children, and teens to communicate more clearly and confidently. Our telehealth service gives you the convenience of virtual care with the quality of a face-to-face session.

Speech Pathology Services for child
Conduct assessments and compile individualised reports for the NDIS, parents, teachers, paediatricians and more, including application and review reports.

Assessments and reports

We conduct assessments and compile individualised reports for the NDIS, parents, teachers, paediatricians and others, including application and review reports.

Support for children with autism, intellectual disability, and complex communication needs

We provide high-quality, individualised services, including the use of augmentative and alternative communication devices if required. We work alongside parents to support, encourage and equip the whole family to make communication easier.

Support to children with autism, intellectual disability, and complex communication needs

Trauma-informed speech pathology

Communication struggles are often part of a bigger picture. We support children who are receiving child protection services, have histories of trauma, or who experience mental health challenges. Our goal is to help such children develop their communication skills and contribute to improving their overall well-being.

Why telehealth?

Good care should not depend on where you live – and yet, so often, it does. Children in regional parts of the country are considerably more vulnerable to communication delays and disorders due to a lack of services and other contextual factors (Jones et. al., 2018).

Our goal is to make speech pathology services accessible to a wider range of clients, especially to children who live in rural or remote areas. We are proud to offer our telehealth therapy services nationwide.

Telehealth fits into family life more easily. You don’t have to battle the traffic to get to an appointment – you just open your computer. 

If your child thrives on routine and familiarity, they’re likely to feel most comfortable at home in their own space. They can even use their own toys as part of their therapy. 

Babies and toddlers are not forced to sit still in front of the computer for the whole session. At that age, a great deal of each session is really spent helping you, as the parent, learn techniques to improve your child’s communication. That’s true of both face-to-face sessions and telehealth ones.

Telehealth allows children to build up skills in a familiar environment and work towards practical goals that are meaningful to their daily life. They can put their skills straight to use.

Like to learn more about our telehealth speech pathology service?

Why choose Lotus?

At Lotus, our clients come first. Our founder and practitioner, Fran, is a warm, empathetic and active listener. She will thoroughly enjoy learning about your child’s unique strengths and challenges to create their individual treatment plan.

Our Key Goals

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To achieve measurable results towards these goals, we live proudly by our 4 core values.

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Establishing and strengthening connections between the child, the therapist, the family and the wider community.

Integrity icon

Providing you with reliable and dependable service grounded in strong moral and ethical principles.

Growth icon

Creating positive change by supporting children to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

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We value and respect each child and their family’s uniqueness, including their history, culture, beliefs, and preferences.